Updated 5/17/2020

We have reopened for in-store shopping!  Our hours are 9AM-6PM from Mon-Sat and 10AM-5PM on Sundays.

To function as safely as possible we will be implementing the following guidelines:
- We will adjust the number of shoppers allowed in our nursery based on the ability to maintain proper distancing between groups, but will start with a 20 cart limit.
- Only 2 shoppers per cart.
- All sales will be done outside.
- Sanitizing wipes will be provided to clean carts before use.
- Only credit cards and/or gift cards can be used for sales.
- We will allow only one shopping group per greenhouse aisle at a time.
- Masks are encouraged but not required at this time.
- Please keep a safe distance from our employees and other customers while shopping.

We are excited to see you again! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns with this new phase of our season. Again, we can’t express enough how much your support means to us right now.