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Our Story

In 1983 with no more than a makeshift greenhouse on the back porch and a small garden plot on the corner of Victory and Five Mile, Chuck and Sharon Gross grew enough plants and vegetables to feed their family and sell to local passers-by.  What started as a hobby and a way for Sharon to stay home with the kids eventually turned into a full-time career for both Chuck and Sharon.


Although helping out at the nursery during their formative years, Brian and Jaime went off to college to see what else the world had to offer.  After a number of years in non-plant related careers, both Brian and Jaime realized they missed playing in the dirt like they did when they were kids and quit their jobs to go back to the farm.  Now having a number of years under their belts working at the nursery, they are as passionate as ever in making Five Mile Farm grow and thrive for years to come.

Happy, helpful child labor.  

Jaime and Brian, circa 1984.


Hairstyles and fashion may have changed, but our commitment to quality is unwavering!  

Chuck and Sharon, circa 1986.

Today Five Mile Farm is a seasonal garden center that prides itself on growing the highest quality flowers and vegetable plants for the Treasure Valley.  We hand craft uniquely stunning hanging basket and flowering pot arrangements to make your home or business the envy of the neighborhood.  With over 23,000 sq ft of greenhouse space, we also grow popular and hard-to-find vegetables, herbs, perennials and annual bedding plants.


We take pride in our quality products, knowledgeable staff, and great service!  Come in to see why Five Mile Farm is Boise's premier neighborhood nursery!

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