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What Makes Us Different

With a majority of the growing occurring on-site, plants from Five Mile Farm are given the TLC they need early on to ensure they are vigorous and healthy when they leave our doors.  Our plants not grown on-site are sourced from our trusted local and regional partners.  Given their geographic proximity, the plants grown by our partners are already well adjusted to our climate and don't experience shock upon arrival to our nursery. Compared to the commodity treatment of plants sold at big box stores, our plants not only look better when you buy them, but have a greater opportunity to flourish once you get them home.


Aside from superior quality, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Five Mile Farm will help you choose the plants best suited for a given area and teach you how to properly care for the plants to ensure they're healthy and happy all season long! 

Flowering Baskets & Containers

Our unique flowering hanging basket and container designs are what we've become best known for in the Treasure Valley.  Careful consideration to color and foliage schemes, growing habits, and light requirements go into each design with the goal of creating bright and balanced arrangements that provide nonstop beauty all season long. Given that we start growing our hanging baskets and containers in February each year, they are full and bursting with color once they're ready to safely be displayed outside.  



Alyssum to zinnia and everything in between, we are certain to have the perfect annual to brighten up your home or business.   Five Mile Farm carries a wide assortment of bedding plants as well as specialty annuals perfect for creating your own hanging baskets or containers.  



With their Latin botanical names, varying bloom periods, pruning and dividing requirements, perennials can be an intimidating bunch to consider for your garden...but with their ability to steadfastly produce beauty year after year, they deserve your attention.  Five Mile Farm carries a wide assortment of local and regionally grown perennials perfect for any area of your yard.  We strive to organize our perennials in a logical fashion (i.e. by light requirements and mature height) as well as highlight key features such as drought tolerance, ability to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, or blooming periods. Still have questions?  Just grab one of our knowledgable staff members and ask away...we love visiting with our customers and talking about all things plants! 

File_001 (1).jpeg

Fruit, Veggies and Herb Plants

We devote a large percentage of our greenhouse space to growing fruit, vegetable and herb starts.  With a whole greenhouse of tomatoes and a yet another for peppers, you are guaranteed to find unique heirlooms to hybrid varieties that suit your fancy.  Below are lists of tomatoes and peppers we usually have available:


Tomato Varieties

Pepper Varieties


You'll also find all kinds of squash, cucumber, eggplant, greens, cole crops, onion, melon, and berry plants eager to produce produce for you and your family!  


Last, but definitely not least, our selection of herb starts are second to none.  At least seven varieties of basil, oregeno, sage, marjoram, mint, lemongrass, lavendar, catnip, and borage are just a few of the herbs we carry.  If nothing else, you have to at least come in and smell our herb house!  



Improve your mood, reduce stress, and clean the air in your home?  Yes please!  Houseplants are all the rage these days and we've jumped on the bandwagon too.  We love houseplants and can help you determine which one is best suited for your living space.



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